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No positive vibes emanating from India: Fawad Chaudhry

LONDON: Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said both government and armed forces of Pakistan want to hold talks with India for peace in the region but no positive vibes have emanated from India.
“ Pakistan government and our armed forces both are keen to go for talks with India for the sake of peace in the region. Several indications have been given by Imran Khan to New Delhi but no positive response has been received so far from Indian side on this count”, he said this in an interview with BBC.
He held that Pakistan will soon open Kartar Singh border for Sikh Yatris from India in this connection and the Yatris will be able to visit Gurdawara Darbar Sahib without any visa.
A new system has been evolved for opening borders for Yatris and soon a headway will be made in this regard, he remarked.
Imran Khan soon after becoming Prime Minister (PM) invited Indian players to Pakistan, he said adding Imran Khan had said in his maiden speech if Delhi takes one step ahead we will take two steps forward. He talked to Indian premier too. But no response was given by India to these positive indicators.
He stated “ problem is there for India that on what fashion Nirandar Modi has run its electoral campaign on anti Pakistan frenzy, the BJP is bogged down in this thinking that lest their step for extending hands of friendship to Pakistan should leave any negative impact on their voters.
Responding to a question that how much PTI government Indian policy is different from previous government he said the major difference is it that all the institutions are on one page in this respect. This is not Imran Khan Policy like Nawaz Sharif policy but it is Pakistan foreign policy. In the past US and West had complaint that what Pakistan political leadership says, its military leaderships says some thing else. But now this complaint stands removed. Imran Khan and Gen Bajwa both think that a country can not make progress alone but the regions make progress. They both think that all will remain behind if there is no complete peace in the region.
About the contradiction between statements of Pakistan and US after Mike Pompeo visit to Pakistan he said meetings with US delegation took place in cordial atmosphere. PM told me that the environment was contrary to our expectations. The meetings remained very good and talks were held in open atmosphere. There was not as much difference in our and US delegation thinking what looked earlier.
Imran Khan understands better Afghanistan and Pushtoon culture than any other prime minister and his popularity can be more helpful. Imran Khan understands there should be political solution rather than military solution to Afghan issue. This thinking has taken birth in US as well which will be wholesome.
To a question will the opposition demand on constitution of parliamentary commission with reference to their allegation of rigging in election be met, he said Imran Khan has held out this assurance already but it seems as if opposition is not sincere in respect of this demand and it is not stressing this demand.
Regarding the emergence of conflicts surfaced pertaining to PTI government during the first few days in power he said it seems as if PTI is in the government since last 11 years. This is all due to kindness of media. But such reawakening and a watchful eye on government steps will prove good for country, he added.

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