Pakistan should extend help to US in arbitration in Afghanistan: Mike Pompeo


WASHINGTON: US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has expressed desire that Pakistan should extend help to it in the arbitration in Afghanistan.
“Pakistan should help US in arbitration in Afghanistan. If we don’t receive Pakistan cooperation then what will happen, Gen Nicholson and Gen Miller have already told about it”, he said this while talking to media enroute to Pakistan.
He hoped that both US and Pakistan will leave the past behind and make headway.
Talking about curtailment in financial assistance he said that Pakistan was already informed that no assistance will be provided to it and reason was also informed behind non payment of money .
He explained that the reason is very clear that we have not seen the progress what we wanted to see from Pakistan.
He went on to say “we were providing resources when there was rationale about it. If that situation re-emerges then I am confident justification will be provided to president Donald Trump.
The bilateral ties between US and Pakistan are tense since January 01 this year when Trump criticized Pakistan in his twitter message saying US committed folly by extending financial assistance amounting to 33 million dollars during 15 years and in return Pakistan gave nothing to US except lie and deceit.
Later state department had also announced to suspend Pakistan security assistance and Pakistan was included in watch list of the countries involved in grave violations of religious freedom.
US state department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that the assistance will remain suspended till operation against Haqqani network and other Taliban leaders.
On the other side Pakistan while brushing aside US allegations had said it had rendered more sacrifices in war against terror than any other country in the world in terms of persons and treasure. But US are shifting burden of its failures on Pakistan.
During this year on September 2 US decided to cancel 300 million dollar aid to Pakistan alleging that the latter is not taking concrete action against the terrorists.
In this context PENTAGON spokesperson said that announcement for suspending security cooperation with Pakistan was made in January 2018 and coalition support fund is also part of it.


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