K-electric responsible for education, medical facilities of children handicapped in electric shocks: Imran Ismail

Karachi: Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has said that K-electric will be solely responsible for providing education and medical treatment to children that had become handicapped due to negligence of K-electric.
Imran Ismail visited Karachi Civil Hospital on Monday to inquire about health of children that became disabled due to negligence of K-electric where parents of affected children put forward a long list of complaints before Governor Sindh.
Governor Sindh while expressing sorrow with the bereaved family members of affected children said, “Just right now it came into my knowledge that an a child who was affected due to negligence of K-electric one month ago is also under medical care in the hospital adding now K-Electric will be solely responsible for medication and education of these children”.
Governor Sindh further said that if K-electric wants to continue its work in Karachi then it will have to work on long-term project to eliminate such incidents.
Ismail while expressing sorrow with parent of affected children said, “It is sad to know that precious hands of your children had been lost in an incident due to K-electric negligence but we, in this trying time stand with you.”
It is vital to mention here that an eight-year-old boy had lost his arms after a high tension wire of K-electric fell on him outside his home on the third day of Eid ul Azha.

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