Islamabad: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has directed IG Punjab to hold inquiry into DPO Pakpattan case within a week and submit it before the Supreme Court (SC).
CJP while expressing annoyance with PSO of Chie Minister (CM) Punjab inquired from him “ on whose behest you kept on calling people. why the CM is not present in the court. Is CM a God. We will call CM too. Who are they people that they have issued such orders.
A three member bench of SC presided over by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar took up the DPO Pakpattan transfer suo motu notice for hearing Monday.
Khawar Maneka, former husband of first lady Bushra Bibi, her daughter,, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar , Haider Ali PSO to CM, CSO Umar, DIG Headquarters Shahzada Sultan, Col Tariq Faisal of intelligence agency, IG Punjab, former DPO Pakpattan Rizwan Gonda and CPO Sahiwal Shariq Kamal Siddiqui appeared in the court.
At the inception of hearing the CJP inquired about the presence of these all persons in court turn by turn.
IG Punjab told the court all the people are present.
The court inquired have the affidavit been filed. In the first phase we review the affidavits.
IG Punjab said “ I have filed affidavit.
The CJP inquired “ what is special thing in your affidavit.
The CJP inquired from IG Punjab why have you not stopped DPO from going to CM House. You could talk to CM House that they should not call your office directly. You know if you have issued the order on the basis of malafide intent and dictation then what will happen.
IG Punjab replied “ I am at the mercy of the court. I was in Islamabad at that time. When I was told the DPO was on the way. I had to get matter investigated to ascertain the facts. DPO concealed the facts from me. The evidence have been found on stopping the girl and allowing her to go.
CJP inquired where is that file which contains transfer orders.
The law officer said the transfer was made on verbal orders.
On inquiring from court PSO Haider said “ I was not present therein at that time. CM had asked for inviting DPO and RPO to tea. I telephoned DPO after the transfer orders came to my knowledge.
CJP while expressing displeasure over PSO to CM inquired “ you kept on calling people on whose behest. Why CM is not present in the court. Is CM a God. We will call CM. Who are they that they have issued such orders. Police did not maintain the honour of uniform. Action should be taken against the police officers. Action will be taken against Ahsan Jamil who pushed police officers after making contact with CM.
Col Tariq Faisal of intelligence agency told the court “ I and Rizwan Gondal know each other well. A common friend told me about the incident. I telephoned Rizwan Gondal in personal capacity.
Stating about the police misbehavior with his daughter Khawar Manika told the court police officers were discharging their duty in drunken state. When I reached Pakpattan my daughter was quivering . I told DPO about the incident. But he did nothing till August 22.
CJP expressed regret with Khawar Manika over the incident.
CJP remarked “ every one is lying before court. IG Punjab should hold complete inquiry over the matter of CM Punjab house.
Talking to media men before the hearing, Khawar Manika said he would not talk about case at all. What I have to talk about incident I will talk in the court.

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