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How many Maqbooul Hussain are still in Indian Jails?

By Abdul Basit Khan,

It is March 03, 2016 when Pakistani security forces arrested an Indian citizen from Baluchistan. As per the Govt. of Pakistan he was included in the terrorist activities against state. Upon a little bit inquiry he reveled each and everything about his mission and plan. He even told about his activities in Pakistan that, “These activities have been of anti-national or terrorist nature which resulted in the killing and wounding of Pakistani citizens”. Actually for him his life was more valuable and important than anything, so upon a minor punishment he explored his whole objectives and the agenda even through video. It is reality that the life of person for himself don’t have any alternative, so same case was with him. This is no one else but a terrorist Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav. But still there is existence of few people who can do anything for their motherland. A motherland who gave them birth, gave them relations, fed them, grows them, bring them out from the darkness, gave them identity. These are the people who are self esteemed, have unique emotions and normally people are unable to understand them. These are the people who have a great purpose of life, who are thing beyond like common people.
The other story is very emotional and motivational. I don’t know why I become much emotional about this story, I felt that a force of conciseness motivating me to write about him after just hearing about his death. Even I was heard about the loyalty and commitment of this character before a couple of years but I was thinking that may be he is no more with us. As media playing an important role to recall the events but I am feeling shameful that the role of media was nothing for him. Even institutions didn’t organized any event for him so that people get know about him. This story starts from a beautiful, energetic and brave teenager who belongs from the Azad Jammu Kashmir who got permission from his family and joined Indo-Pak war in 1965. During war many soldiers were captured by the Indian forces in which this teenager was also included.
The forces made much brutalities on this guy to reveal each and everything about Pakistan, and to raise anti-Pakistan slogans like “Pakistan Murdabad”. But he did it adversely every time. They called him mad because every time instead of raising “Pakistan Murdabad” he raised “Pakistan Zindabad”. He said yes I am mad and Pakistan Zindabad. Upto 40 years he faced every type of brutalities and tortured by the Indian Forces but he didn’t speak even a single word against Pakistan. But constrain, before releasing him he cut down his tongue so that he became unable to told the brutalities and long journey of torture to the people in Pakistan. Through many war prisoners exchange program, number of prisoners were sent to Pakistan by India but this young man was not included in lists. After passing many years he was declared martyred (Shaheed) as no body knows anything about him, weather he is alive or dead.
It was September 17,2005 when number of prisoners were send by the India to Pakistan through Wagah Border. More than 60 years old “baba” was also included, who was in very miserable condition. He forgot many things about country due to torture. He reached his hometown, no one was alive in his family. He saw only graves of his family in Azad Jammu Kashmir. It was very surprising even for his villagers. He spent a some time in his home and left to graveyard for duaa and then at once he went to army station and to meet with the Commander of the Regiment. When Commander came, he stand up, make a salute like a young soldier. The Army officer was surprised upon the action of this old man. He sat in front of officer and wrote “335139” and also wrote “I came back here in duty, what is the next order for me”. These sentences were very surprising and emotional for Commander, he ordered to staff for the verification. When the old files were checked then they believe that he was that solder who was declared as “Shaheed”. The Commander stand up and hugged him. This was a guy whose name was written as “Maqbool Hussain” on the files. He was much honored by the Pakistani Army. Chief of Army Staff of that time General Ishfaq Pervaiz Kiani awarded him one of highest award of army “Sitara e Jurrat”. Some movies also made upon his so heartbreaking struggle.
On one side, there is a person who was involved in the terrorist activities in Pakistan, his case was pleaded in International Court of Justice. This is a proof that how Indian Forces and Government supporting the terrorist activities. How much he was honored by the country even he was spoke against his country. How and what we behave and do with him in his life, let forget about the past but let’s see what will be done special for the “Sipahi Maqbool Hussain” who sacrificed everything for Pakistan. This sign of brevity and sacrifices, real national hero Sipahi Maqbool Hussain passed away yesterday. It is demanded from the offical that he should be declared “National Hero” and institutes should be made upon his name to continue his mission. The another side of picture is also much alarming. We don’t know how many “Sipahi Maqbool Hussain” are being tortured. There are still many people who wants to see their dears and nears. Even may be some prisoners like him are in our jails. The Governments of the both countries should take steps to resolve this serious matter. There should be a clear opinions on the missing persons and the prisoner. It is expected from the new Govt. of Pakistan that it will bring all “Sipahi Maqbool Hussain” to Pakistan.

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