Presidential election with division in Opposition

By Dr. Abdul Razak Shaikh,

The Presidential election to be held on 4th September and Nomination papers have been filled. Ruling party has filled Dr. Arif Alvi , Pakistan Peoples Party has nominated Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan and other opposition parties has decided to contest Moulana Fazul Rehman as their presidential candidate.
According to the article 41 (3) of the 1973 constitution of Pakistan the 13th president of Pakistan will be chosen by 706 law makers of electro college, including 104 senators, 342 members of National assembly and 260 of four provincial Assemblies.
According to article 41(3) chief Election Commissioner has to conduct the election to the office of President in a special session of parliament and all the provincial assemblies. The president elected for term of 5 years. All the provincial assemblies are given exactly 65 votes in Electro College. In Punjab 5.70 votes are equal to I vote , Sindh assembly has 2.58 votes equal to 1 vote, KPK has 1.90 votes equal to 1 vote and Baluchistan assembly has 1 vote equal to 1 vote. Presently there are 330 members of National assembly and 12 seats are vacant. Senate has 104 votes.
PTI candidate Dr. Arif Alvi has predicted that he will easily win the Presidential election, where as Opposition parties are split in two groups. PPP has announced Aitzaz Ahsan and all other parties have supported the Moulana Fazul Rahman as a Candidate for president. The split of opposition will definitely benefit to PTI candidate Dr. Arif Alvi and he will easily win the election of President of Pakistan.
Pakistan Peoples Party has announced Aitzaz Ahsan as a candidate without consensus of other opposition parties and PML-N has raised objection for the name of PPP candidate. Both parties have have met but PPP refused to with draw the name of Aitzaz Ahsan. PML-N also offered the post as a candidate for Yousif Raza Geelani but party did not accept to with draw the name of Aitzaz Ahsan. PPP is trying Solo Flight but time will prove that opposition needs unity in their ranks for proper check and balance to Government party. Opposition may unite before the day of election but who will win the election.
As per electrol college PTI and his coalition partners have 346 votes and if opposition may contest as a single candidate than having 320 votes. Independents and others are 23 in whole electrol college and these votes mostly will go in favour of ruling party PTI.
Pakistan Peoples Party may consider for unity among the opposition parties, as PML-N has already favored PPP in speaker ship votes but party refuse to vote Mr. Shahbaz Shareef as a Prime Minister Candidate. Still ball is under the control of PPP and other opposition parties, if all wants to remain intact than they should accept each other. Now time has passed for new candidate and only way for opposition to Support Aitzaz Ahsan or Moulana Fazul Rehman to give the tough contest against the ruling candidate.
The President is ceremonial post, Head of State and merely a figure head with the executive powers to Prime Minister by Constitution.
The Constitute States that a presidential candidate must be Muslim man or women not less than 45 years of age.

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