PHC trains 19 dentists, 37 homoeopathic doctors on MSDS

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Lahore: The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Tuesday has completed training of 19 dentists, and 37 homoeopathic doctors on their respective Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS).
The dental surgeons were from the Gujranwala district, whereas the homoeopathic doctors were of the city. As per details, the PHC had developed the MSDS, and the trainings are imparted to the qualified and registered health professionals for implementing these Standards in their respective healthcare establishments (HCEs) in order to improve quality of the healthcare services. Later on, the actualisation of the trainings is also checked by the PHC through inspections. In these workshops, training is also imparted on continuity of treatment and care, patients’ rights and awareness, facility management and safety, HCE infection control, management of medication, human resource management and effective arrangements for the waste disposal.
It is pertinent to mention here that so far the PHC had conducted 445 workshops for the training of 18,257 health professionals and managers of over 14,000 HCEs. Among these establishments, 2,947 were of the public sector and 11,139 private, while 6,021 and 12,236 individuals were from the public and private sectors respectively.
The spokesperson of the Commission has added that the training initiative of the PHC is for ensuring that the HCEs are providing quality health services, and promoting professional treatment of the patients.

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