Tug of war over distribution of development funds takes momentum


Islamabad : The tug-of-war between Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) which was started last month has taken momentum, sources said on Monday.
The sources said that the approval regarding distribution of funds among the capital development authorities was give by the interior ministry on July 17, 2018. Since then, a wave of uncertainty prevails among the CDA employees.
CDA Chairman Ishrat Ali had written a letter to CAAD secretary on July 26, asking him to take up the issue with interior ministry.
In his letter, the CDA chief states MCI was established under Islamabad Local Body Act and the interior ministry, on June 22, 2016, had handed over some CDA directorate partially and some completely under the supervision MCI through a notification.
The letter further states the interior ministry had given approval of some CDA departments on July 17 and the CDA will hand over these departments to MCI and this approval was given under the light of an agreement signed by Mayor Islamabad and CDA chairman.
The letter states there is confusion between the distributions of funds between both the development institutions which needs clarity.
The interior ministry should take notice of confusion and back its July 17, 2018 decision.


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