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Illegal appointments

Gorakh Hill Station and its surrounding mountains are known as the ‘Murree of Sindh’. A historical place with pleasant weather is being visited by large number of tourists on daily basis, even foreigners come to visit this place. But unfortunately this tourist spot has been largely ignored by the concerned department and no attention is being paid to develop this tourist spot while construction work on different projects goes at snail’s pace. The MNAs and MPAs seem uninterested and unconcerned over the sad state of affairs. At the moment hundreds of employees who have been appointed on political basis just enjoy perks and privileges, drawing salaries without performing their duties. Instead of performing their duties they usually get their salaries at the end of month. To the contrary educated youth who are wandering from pillar to post to seek suitable jobs are being ignored because of the fact that they are not political favorites or the workers of any political parties. Since NAB is doing excellent job to root out corruption and nepotism from the society it is my humble request to the NAB chairman to take notice against the illegal appointments of employees at Gorkh Hill station. Moreover the NAB should initiate an investigation to expose irregularities committed by concerned authorities in implementing the projects at Gorkh Hill station.

Why the concerned authorities failed to complete these projects in time, who have usurped the funds allocated for these projects and those involved in this scandal should be brought to justice. It is my request to all the investigation agencies like NAB, FIA, FBR etc to take serious action against those involved in corrupt practices so that jobs should be given to educated youth on merit to bring an end to the culture of nepotism and favouritism.

Ghulam Mustafa Rustamani

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