SCO celebrates 42 Founding Anniversary with traditional zeal & fervor


Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): In Azad Jammu Kashmir, over 98 percent part of the region has been provided with latest digital telecom facilities so far through the inter-linking of almost all of its areas including those located in remote, far flung and top mountainous belts by the Special Communications Organization, state-run institution running the telecom system in AJK and Gilgit – Baltistan.
This was revealed on the eve of a grand dinner hosted by the SCO to celebrate its 42nd Founding Anniversary at its Mess here last night. The SCO is determined to deliver the quality telecom services in AJK and GB.
The chief host – Commanding Officer SCO Mirpur Division Lt. Col. Syed Ayad Hassan, earlier, cut the Mega 42nd Anniversary cake of the SCO on this occasion.
Lt. Col. Ayad reiterated his organizations resolve to furnish its valued subscribers with all possible latest telecom facilities harmonious to the need of the modern age to bring the country in the ranks of the developed nations through due individual and collective share through the use of the most modern means of the telecom means.
Lt. Col. Ayed highlighted he salient features of the achievements of his organization since its inception in 1976 to delivery the quality telecom facilities to its subscribers in Azad Jammu & Kashmir including in all three districts of Mirpur division including Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimbher.
The ceremony was largely attended by notables representing people from various walks of life including senior officials of the local administration, nation-building institutions, academicians, senior journalists besides all ranks of the civil and military staff of the Special Communication Organization of 64 Composite Signal Battalion.
The Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Ayed Hassan gave away awards to the nominees representing various civil and military sections of the SCO in acknowledgement of their outstanding performance during their official duties through delivery the quality telecom services to the consumers for over last two years in the division.
Speaking on this occasion, the Commanding Officer revealed that almost all is set to connect Azad Jammu & Kashmir with rest of the world through latest swift telecom services including the internet services to facilitate the users of the telecom products including cell and landline phone and internet services by the state-run Special Communications Organization (SCO) in the near future.
He recalled that the SCO has already successfully completed the experiment of the execution and use of the fast-pace 3G and 4G internet service in AJK including in all three districts of Mirpur division. He underlined that free experimental swift internet service at the 3G and 4G was provided since last year to the subscribers of the SCO’s telecom products in Mirpur and various other parts of AJK.
He also elaborated the speedy progress of SCO through the delivery of quality services through its various existing means including SCOM and DSL networks.


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