Large number of professional beggars flocked in different areas of Federal Capital


Islamabad: Large number of professional beggars of all ages has flocked in different areas of Federal Capital on the eve of Eid-ul-Adha without any fear as Islamabad police has badly failed to counter them.Beggars gathered in different locations of Federal Capital Islamabad in order to make money by exploiting religious sentiments of the people on the festive occasion.
Sources stated that large number of beggars including men; women and children have arrived from of adjoining City Rawalpindi and outskirts of the Islamabad rural areas. Sources stated that in most of the cases one professional bagger earned 3 to 5 thousand rupees in a day. They said that number of beggars have also linked with criminals. Most of the baggers have distributed their areas and they strictly followed their ways.
One of the bagger told that mafia has distributed Federal Capital into 30 areas and contractor has allegedly took Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 from each beggar in the Eid day.
Almost all the markets, bus stands, roads, chowks and residential areas of the City are rife with beggars carrying their kids. Though, the Federal police ordered the immediate removal of beggars frequenting traffic signals and crossroads throughout the City some days ago, but it seems that his orders could not deter beggars from their activities even on traffic signals.
In Islamabad they are being witnessed in the areas including Apbpara Market, Safa Mall, F-7 Markez, Karachi Company, F-8 Katcheary, Super Market, Khana Bridge, Jinnah Super Market, G-11, Glora Sharif, Lake View Point, Tarnol, Bari Imam, PIMS Hospital, Poly clinic, F-6, Bara Kahu other areas.
One of police official told that baggers now turned into mafia added most of the baggers involved in horrific criminal activities. They have organized network and it is difficult to counter them, he added. Moreover, sources added that contractors are running this mafia and they have also support from police officials.


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