Federal Capital sacrificial animals market lack basic facilities


Islamabad: The Federal Capital sacrificial animals market at 1-12 is lacking basic facilities like proper water, electricity and shortage of proper place for animals. Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) auctioned Federal Capital sacrificial animals market I-12 generating worth Rs. 71.2 million is in its worst state as it has no checks and balances in place.
The news agency contacted owners of the cattle who termed the state of affairs of the cattle market miserable. They said that the contractor instead of charging approved rates Rs. 250 per animal are receiving 700 per animal. For the cows and buffaloes, the contractor imposes Rs. 2 to 3 thousand instead of approved rate Rs. 700 per animal.
The cattle owners are worried for their animals because of shortage of water and no sanitation.
They said that while entering into the market they had to pay excessive market fee. They were assured for the provision of sanitation, water and electricity but to no avail. In the absence of the water and sanitation the cattle are falling sick and the customers are suffering from odor being smelled in and around the market. The cattle owners said that they have been promised to give all facilities against the heavy fee but some of them have arranged their own generators. Water is also being arranged through the commercial water bowsers on their own. The cattle owners cried over the negligence of the CDA and complete failure of providing them the amenities according to the agreement they had entered into with the authority.


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