Transporters increase fares on their own as no mechanism exists


Rafiullah Mandokhail
ZHOB: Transporters plying 2D cars on Zhob-Quetta-D.I Khan routs have increased fares on their own and over-charging the commuters taking advantage of approaching Eid. The passengers leavening for their native cities have to suffer anguish and they are perturbed over the increasing of fares.
In Zhob connecting Balochistan with Khyber Pashtoonkhwa, transporters have increased fares and started fleecing helpless passengers, as people begin leaving for their hometowns to celebrate upcoming Eid-ul-Adha with their families. The passengers have to face immense problems over paying inflated fares. But, no action has so far been taken against the hike in transport fares as there is no mechanism to control the mal-practice.
On Zhob-Quetta-D.I Khan routs the transporters shown extraordinary surge in fares as it increased to 50% on each route rather than the usual. The situation results, the exchange of harsh words between transporters and travelers as they are not ready to pay fares increased by the transporters at their own.
“The situation is worsening by each passing day as the Eid is drawing near. But the authorities concerned remain silent spectators and no check and balance exists in the city,” passengers complained.
“The authorities concerned should take strict action against the violators for over-charging. So that they could get a sigh of relief.” They demanded.


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