Sidhu reaches Lahore to participate the oath taking ceremony


Lahore: Former Indian cricketer,Novjot Singh Sidhu arrives in Lahore through Wahga border to participate the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Talking to the media in provincial capital of Punjab,he said that he came only to spread the love and not to not to interfere any government matters
“I came here to wish the best to my heartiest friend Imran Khan” he added
The minister if Indian Punjab,Sidhu,told the reporters that the expecting change in Pakistan democracy looks good.
“ I know Imran Khan from that time when Imran was considering his weaknesses the strength and was bending the powerful down to his knees. I believe that Imran will serve the Pakistani people and will give them something instead of taking from them but it will be clear from the time that how much he serve his people in next six months” he said.
Praising the sportsmanship, he added that every artist always try to get the countries relation close and such love turn the human to “Bhagwan”(Hindu god).
Expressing his sad feelings on former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Wajpayi’s death,he said that he feel sorrow for not having the starter of “Dosti Bus”.
“I want the bus service always in running condition.Wajpayi was saying that if my neighbours are burning, its heat also reaches me and the same if the neighbours are in peace, then I will also be in peace. I am here to strengthen the quote of the great Wajpayi” Sindhu said.
The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf had officially invited the former Indian cricketers Novjot Singh Sidhu,Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavasker.
Gavasker and Kapil had apologized from coming to Pakistan and Sidhu had decided to come.


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