PML-N, PPP can not go side by side in assembly: Sheikh Rashid predicts


ISLAMABAD : Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid has predicted PPP and PML-N can not go side by side in assembly as this can be seen from their impressions.
He said this while making first prediction of the year 2018 before media men outside the parliament house here Monday.
Sheikh Rashid held those who used to say that “ I will not come to assembly they are now sitting some where else outside the parliament today.
Responding to a question he said Asif Zardari is a navy 6th fleet and he is not some 18 years old virgin. He is senior politician and he will take a well though decision.
He congratulated Maulana Fazlur Rehman on independence celebrations and invited him to come and enjoy Jashn-e-Azadi in Lal Haveli.
Responding to a question he said “ I used to say earlier that Imran Khan will win over 100 seats and form the government. It can be seen today that it has happened like what I had said.
He remarked “ today’s Pakistan is in safe and strong hands. Imran Khan has invited allied parties to dinner. I will express my opinion therein.


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