Jakhrani releases two ‘illegally arrested’ persons from Larkana police station


Ghulam Mahdi Lund,

Larkana: The third judicial magistrate Zufar-u-llah Jakhrani on Monday raided police station Dari and released the two illegally arrested persons. Judicial magistrate took the record of the matter of arresting of those persons & called the SHO of police station Dari to the court with whole record. According to the details, the judicial magistrate raided on the complaint of the brother of suspect Aashiq Kharos. When judicial magistrate arrived at police station there were two ‘suspects’ who were arrested by SHO Fida Hussain Langah. On that occasion, one person namely Ashiq Kharos & a student of 5th class a twelve years old child namely Imran Brohi was also in lockup. While talking to newsmen Ashiq Kharos said, Dari police has arrested him from nine days before and was being shifted to different places on daily basis. A twelve years old child the student of 5th class Imran Brohi said to the newsmen that police has arrested him on Saturday and leveling accusations that “I am a thief”. “SHO of the police station is harassing & threatening to kill me”, Imran said.


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