Independence Day celebrations and protests


By Maemuna Sadaf,
Independence Day celebrations have started on 1st August and will continue till 14th August. The roadsides stalls are selling flags, badges, pictures of national heroes. Independence-themed designer outfits are made and sold. National songs are played on roadsides. Educational institutions, government, semi-government organizations organize seminars, sports competitions, social and cultural activities. TV channels and radio stations broadcast special transmissions; this Independence Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm each year.
Pakistan and India celebrate their independence day in August every year. Pakistanis as well as Indians living abroad arrange programs of Independence Day celebrations in their respective countries. During the last year of Independence Day celebrations, there were more than 2 dozen protests across Europe, US, and other countries. Sikh, Kashmiri and Naxalite communities took part in these protests. These communities are suppressed by India or upper class Hindus who have a special place in Indian society. A detailed discussion can be found in “India an Apartheid state by Junaid Ahmed”, a complete book written on Indian society, culture, and attitude of upper class Hindus (Brahmans) towards others.
In Indian held Kashmir, Pakistani flag was hoisted on 14th August. On the other hand, 15 August 2017 was marked by a complete strike in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The youth of Jammu and Kashmir protested to convey their message to the International community that India expropriated the right of self-determination by force. Unarmed Kashmiris fight against 8 lac Indian armed forces. Several protestors including 12-year child were martyred in protest. India imposed curfew in the major part of Jammu and Kashmir on its Independence Day.
Writing more! Kashmiris are fighting for freedom since 1947. On moral ground, Pakistan supports Kashmir cause on the international front. To suppress the freedom movement, India implemented Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Jammu and Kashmir (J & K).
India uses lethal weapons including pallet guns and crossed every height of atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir but remained unsuccessful. Kashmir’s freedom movement is turning to a new phase. This is not only the case with Kashmir’s; Upper-class Hindus always betray Muslims and other religions along with lower class Hindus. Indian atrocities have crossed every height. Kashmiri’s observe black day on India’s Independence Day. Call for observing India’s Independence Day as Black day has already been given.
Discussing more! All of the communities are indigenous as a result of Indian atrocities and injustice across the country. India accuses Pakistan and Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of sponsoring these groups. This is a part of the blame game played by India on the international front. India has to understand that such protests are not ISI sponsored but an outcome of its faulty policies against minorities. India always blames ISI, Pakistan Army, and Pakistan instead of understanding the root cause of anger built within the country.
As per routine, Indian media try to persuade the world that every protesting community especially Kashmiri’s and Sikhs are sponsored and the protests are ISI backed. This propaganda is a stunt to hide the truth from the world’s eye. Indian media is continuously propagating against Pakistan and its security agencies. An eye-opening book named “Betrayal of India” clarifies that India has its policy to hit Pakistan on every ground.
Writing more! Pakistan only supports the suppressed communities on moral grounds internationally but not sponsors them to act against India neither it sponsor any protests. On the other hand, ISI is Pakistan’s security agency and is fighting to control terrorism within the country. Its duty is to protect Pakistan’s sovereignty instead of disturbing other countries.
Concluding more, the International community knows that Pakistan wants a peaceful solution to Kashmir’s issue. Pakistan’s agenda is to promote peace in the whole world. It condemns human rights violations in Kashmir or other parts of the world. Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated across the world.


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