Brothers, sister electrocuted in Muzaffargarh


Muzaffargarh: At least three siblings were electrocuted while arranging T-R guarders for construction of a small room on house rooftop.
According to media reports, three people of a family were electrocuted while straightening T-R guarders during construction of a small room on their rooftop near Bhatta Pur, Jhang road in Muzaffargarh.
The victim, identified as Javed, elder brother of Junaid and Saima was busy in straightening the T-R guarders on house rooftop when the WAPDA wires passing from top of their home short circuited. As a result, Javed electrocuted to death while his other two siblings, Junaid and Saima in an effort to rescue their brother also died.
Rescue 1122 reached the scene, shifted the bodies into nearby local hospital for medico-legal formalities.
The bodies were handed over to family members after autopsy.


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