Wake-Up-Muzaffarabad demands AJK government & WAPDA to construct water bodies


S. A Haidri,

Muzaffarabad: A protest procession was held under the aegis of civil society, Lawyers, Traders and children regarding immense shortage of water in river Neelum after the completion of Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project.
Children holding placards and banners stated that “What is our Future?Answer us”, “Environmental changes causes increase in temperature”, “Our demand to public agreement of NJHP”.
One of the young guy was holding a placard attributing water species cited, “As we do not disturb your world above water then please do not annoy us” a humble demand of fishes from the river.
Standing along with children, protestor who was holding a placard demanded that save water and save life, while the banner raised by many protestors collectively pointed out, “save river, Control environmental affects, save our future”
One of the protestor Imtiaz Mughal said that temperature of Muzaffarabad has been increased due to shortage of water in Neelum River, “incumbent government should implement the clauses of NOC to mitigate the loss of aesthetic look of river in Muzaffarabad” he added.
Another protestor from civil society Faisal Jamil Kashmiri stated that WAPDA shall install an alternate Water Supply Scheme as a sustainable arrangement to cater the demand of growing population as the water in river is now shaped as a small runnel in town.
Protestors demanded that the WAPDA should ensure compliance to National Environmental Quality Standards and fulfill its obligation regarding environmentl affects besides demanding AJK government to exercise its power for the implementation of clauses set in NOC rather than being disowned.
Moreover, people of Muzaffarabad demanded to construct water bodies in Muzaffarabad before long to save the life of upcoming generation as enormous increase in temperature and shortage of water in Muzaffarabad will compel the masses to migrate from the capital city of AJK.
People of Muzaffarabad launched a campaign to save water of river Neelum “Wake up Muzaffarabad” in collaboration with different societies and trade unions with one point agenda to maintain the scenic beauty of Capital city Muzaffarabad.


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