Illegally appointed employees at Gorkh Hill Station should be banned


Gorkh Hill station is the Muree Sindh which is the famous due to its cold winds and historical place. Large numbers of tourists come on daily basis to visit the Gorkh Hill Station from different corners and the parts of the country, even foreigners come to visit this place. But unfortunately, due to corrupt MNA and MPA. The Gorkh Hill station always remains under construction and the projects which are given for the construction of Gorkh Hill Station are being usurped by the Chairman, MNA and MPA. At this time hundreds of employees are appointed and take salary without performing their duties those people are the favourite and workers of the political parties therefore, they do not need to perform their duties but salary is always being sent in their bank accounts in the end of the month.
Many educated people are there without jobs because those people are not the worker of political parties and favourite of the politicians therefore, they are suffering from toughest conditions due to jobless. NAB is also doing excellent job and it should look into the condition of Gorkh Hill station and take notice against the illegally recruited employees at Gorkh Hill station and there must be investigation that many projects have been given for Gorkh Hill station for constructing the whole infrastructure of Gorkh Hill and why it did not complete yet and where that projects have gone? Who usurped those projects?
Finally, it is my request to all the investigation agencies like NAB, FIA, FBR etc to take serious action against the corrupt rulers and jobs should be recruited on merit and private department should conduct tests for jobs on merit base and must be given jobs to the educated people who are well educated instead of giving on favouritism.

By Ghulam Mustafa Rustamani


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