Ch Sarwar as Governor will attract foreign investors, project Pak soft image in world


Lahore: Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq Saturday welcoming PTI stalwart Ch Muhammad Sarwar nomination as Punjab Governor hoped that he would bring foreign investment to strengthen the fractured national economy and project Pak soft image in the world besides addressing overseas Pakistanis issues in and abroad in an effective manners by fully exploiting his sphere of influence.
In a statement issued here Saturday , Mian Kashif congratulated Ch Sarwar for nomination as Governor of Punjab and said Pakistan was currently beset by numerous problems and he would use his slot and political acumen to bring people to a united platform for the solution of these problems. Stressing on the need for education, he said there were 22 million children in the country who were deprived of this basic right of education.
Ch Sarwar has a vast experience in the field of education, health and potable projects during his first tenure as Governor of Punjab and he would utilize all available resources to live up to the aspiration of their voters who voted PTI to power. He termed poverty, terrorism, unemployment and the current energy crisis in the country as major challenges. He said Ch Sarwar has vast political relations in whole of European Union since Lordship United Kingdom and in a better position to guide the coming PTI government in Punjab to cope with political and economic challenges of the province.


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