Precautionary measures for Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is a deadly and dangerous viral infection communicated to human beings from animals. This disease can be spread by the bite of infected tick; contact with blood and body secretions of infected animals; and, from infected human to humans. It is an occupational hazardous disease. The livestock farmers, abattoir workers, butchers, veterinary and para-veterinary staff are at high risk of acquiring disease.
The CCHF has no symptoms in animal; only a transient fever could be an indication and this is overlooked most of the times. This disease could not be diagnosed in animals and only presence of tick could be its indication.
The precautionary measures for the CCHF are as follows:
Keep away from the animals having ticks. Only select tick free animals for sacrificial purposes. Anti-tick sprays are applied on animals before entering the livestock market.
Do not handle or try to pick ticks from animals, bare handed.
The offal and leftover of animals should be disposed-off properly, like burying and handing over the offal to municipal corporation staff.
Always use full sleeve and bright color shirts, when going to animal markets and no body part should be exposed. The ticks could be easily seen on bright color cloths.
The tick repellant should be used before visiting animal markets.
Do not approach the animal without any purpose; only domestic animals free of ticks may be preferred for sacrificial purposes.
Do not handle meat bare handed.
Keep children away from animals.
Only professional butchers may be hired for slaughtering animals.
Area where the animal was slaughtered should be washed thoroughly using disinfectants.
In case of appearance of symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in muscles and abdomen, immediately consult physician.


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