Pakistan backs Saudi Arabia in tussle with Canada


Islamabad: Pakistan has diplomatically supported the stand of Saudi Arabia between the stressing diplomatic relations of Saudi Arabia and Canada.
Ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan has issued a statement which says that Pakistan opposes those who interfere the internal affairs of a country because the United Nations has passed the resolution about this.
Pakistan supports the territorial integrity of KSA .Ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan says that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has bilateral friendly relations since long.
According to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia,Canada is interfering in its internal affairs.
The statement issued from Saudi foreign minister,Abdul Jaber,says that from Canada, there is no voice raising for human rights but only to interfere the internal matters of Saudi Arabia.
Talking to the media he said that Canada should have to accept its mistake.
Although,Saudi Arabian foreign minister did not mark any to the point mistake of the Canadian government.
The Canadian Prime Minister,Justin Trodo condemned the Riyadh Human Rights(HR) violations and said that Canada is highlighting the human rights violations in Saudi Arabia.
He said that Canada doesn’t want to spoil the relations with Saudi Arabia and Canada accepts that Saudi Arabia is trying to improve the human rights.
He has talked the Saudian counterpart in order to solve the issue.
The diplomatic relations between both the countries got stressed when Canadian foreign minister tweeted about the release of human rights activist,Samar Badawi and human rights violations in Saudi Arabaia.


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