We will not become threat for Imran Khan govt: Khurshid Shah

Islamabad: “We’ll not become threat for the government of Imran Khan”, said Pakistan People Party’s (PPP) leader and former leader of the opposition in National Assembly Khursheed Shah.
On Wednesday, Talking to the media Khursheed Shah said, “We’ll give full opportunity to Imran Khan to run government but will record a peaceful protest against the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) because ECP lent support to a particular party.”
“Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) will get full opportunity to run government and we’ll play the role of opposition but we’ll not become threat for their government. We also want that Imran Khan should implement his 100 days program, we’ll not become hurdle on the way to implementation of this program.” He added.
He further added, “The peaceful protest will continue against the ECP, all of the parties have reservation on ECP expect PTI because they only provided platform for the win of a particular party in the general election.”
Replying to a question by media person he said, “Doesn’t want to become a threat for system, country is facing serious challenges and all of us together will have to ensure combating these challenges successfully .”

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