Excessive use of force by India in Occupied Kashmir demands world attention: Zeid

UNITED NATIONS: UN Human Rights High Commissioner, Zeid Raad al-Hussein has said the excessive use of force by India in Occupied Kashmir demands attention of the international community.
Addressing a farewell news conference at the United Nations he said six thousand people were struck by pellets in the held territory.
Criticizing media for not highlighting use of force in held territory, he said if such number of people had been subjected to pellets in New Delhi or Mumbai, it would have been front-page news.
The United Nations human rights chief defended the world body’s June 14 human rights report on Kashmir that called for an international investigation into killings in Occupied Kashmir.
He pointed out that UN human rights experts were not allowed to visit Kashmir to make an investigation for an absolutely clear picture without any inaccuracy.
Asked whether Thursday’s New York Times report about the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir was inspired by the UN report, the UN High Commissioner said it basically dovetails what is in our report.

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