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Political experiment leaves devastating impact on country: Mengal

Islamabad: Balochistan National Party (BNP) Chief Akhtar Mengal on Friday said political experiment after every two or five years leaves devastating impact on the country.
The BNP chief further said political parties always go for compromises for political gain, adding that unfortunately they could not yet understand the real difference between power and authority.
Mengal said there is no doubt that if a political leader chooses power. He/she will go for compromises. He termed such power a real mistake of political leaders. He said this while addressing Meet the Press event in Islamabad on Friday.
The Baloch leader said he never seen such a rigged general elections in his life, adding the ECP was only able to conduct free and fair elections in 1970.
He maintained that the nation is disappointed from the rigged elections and with the passage of time this disappointment taking space in their minds.
He said despite devastating impacts on the country politics, experiment has been done after two or five years. These experiments will stop only when someone will dare to stand against them. He said if Islamabad is a cattle market for big animals then Balochistan is the cattle market for small animals, adding every political party is busy in buy and selling their animals in the form of loyalties.
He said that they had raised their reservations regarding CPEC in the all party conference , everyone lauded voice in their favor but verbal.

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