Emergency flood-control centers put on high alert in AJK

Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): Ahead of the impending full boom of the just-started monsoon, the State Disaster Management Authority of AJK Government, have, with the collaboration of local authorities, decided to set up the District and Tehsil level emergency flood-monitoring centers in all AJK districts to effectively deal with any eventuality during the season, official sources said
The centers will be put fully alert and vigilant to deal with any untoward situation following the much-predicted devastating monsoon rains, the sources from the State Disaster Management Authority told this Correspondent here late Sunday.
The centers are proposed to be set up at all AJK district and tehsil headquarters across AJK besides other areas where they would be needed, including Mirpur district., located on the periphery of the country’s largest Mangla dam, in order to combat any untoward situation following impending flood ravages in normal and seasonal nullahs as well as in low-lying areas during the monsoon rains.
The sources continued said the district-level emergency cell control room will be functional soon at DC office in Mirpur besides similar centers being set up at all the concerned Deputy Commissioners in all Ten districts of AJK. Similar emergency cells would also be set up in all sub divisions of the districts. With the required staff, these centers would be fully alert and vigilant round the clock for bringing about immediate necessary safety steps in case of emergency in any part of the district.
The district-level emergency cell in Mirpur district could be contacted through the official telephone Nos. at the D.C office as and when required for any assistance. Similarly the Mirpur tehsil level emergency cell could be approached through telephone at Assistant Commissioner office and Dadayal tehsil-level emergency cell could be contacted through telephone if needed, the sources underlined.
People across AJK may contact the concerned emergency cells of their district through the above mentioned telephone numbers in case of any emergent situation following the impending floods during the monsoon rains to deal with any untoward situation immediately, they added. Ends

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