Hafiz Saeed praises Khan’s speech, to make Pakistan a state like Medina

Lahore: Ameer Jamaat ud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed admired Imran Khan’s speech. He said, “Imran Khan vowed to make Pakistan a state like Medina. We pray that may Allah Almighty succeed Imran Khan in this purpose. We suggested Nawaz Sharif to reshape Pakistan idealising the state of Medina but he did not pay attention to it.”

He was delivering Friday Sermon at Markaz Al Qadsia. Thousands of people from all walks of life listened the sermon.

He blamed enemies for attempting to weaken Pakistan socially and economically. He said, “Pakistan today is facing the same threats as Medina was facing 1400 years back. Muslims of the Subcontinent raised the slogan of Kalama Tayyaba and ran a massive campaign for independence. They sacrificed all what they had for the land of ‘La ilaha il Allah’, and Allah Almighty blessed them with independence. Even today, there are some enemies of Pakistan who want to disintegrate the country at all costs. The fall of Dhaka was undoubtedly a great loss. Movements of provincialism and disputes of Shia and Sunni were crafted. Despite all these conspiracies, Pakistan survived by the Grace of Allah.”

Terming Kashmirs’ support a duty of every Pakistani, he said, “Imran Khan also spoke regarding ongoing Indian aggression and terrorism. Kashmir is the part of Pakistan and Quaid e Azam called it jugular vein of Pakistan.”

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