In the year 1907, there lived a witch in the village of
Brooklyn, or so it was said. The house in which she lived was
called the haunted house and the villagers, be it even the
bravest of men in town, were scared of going near it Spooky
tales were told about the house, "Hey Sara, my brother was
telling me that his friend heard sounds from the house God
knows how true is that?" said Hazel, a villager. Unknowingly,
people did stroll by the haunted house unaware of the stories
told about the house and its spooky atmosphere, only to find
windows and doors swinging to and fro. Terrifying shrieks
could be heard from within and sometimes one could hear the
howling of a wolf coupled with hooting of an owl. The story
ran such: Years ago there lived a very, beautiful young
woman, Sandra, in this village. Her beauty was compared to
the beauty of the moon and poets wrote poems about her many
suitors, whom she would turn down because she was in love
with Jack, a really handsome and rich guy from a nearby
village. However, Jack did not turn out to be as faithful as
Sandra thought him to be, and he ditched her in order to marry
another female. Sandra could not bear this, so she sought
revenge on him. It was then that she became evil. So evil that
she came to be known as the witch. Rumours started to spread
about her all around. "I am so sure she would have untied
unruly hair, long pointed nails, and a crooked nose. Exactly
like a witch!" said Gertrude to Jane Children would throw
stones at the windows of this house and to their thrill, I shadow
would be soon running towards them. Before ill could catch up
on them, They would run, run for their lives.
One day it so happened that a girl, Sabrina, who had I
strolled near the haunted house with her friends, was captured
by the witch, though her friends managed to escape. When she
returned to the village, she could not speak. The witch had cast
a spell on her. She was an example for the villagers that they
would stop going to the haunted house and bothering her, or
otherwise face the consequences.
Sabrina had a very pious grandmother and she tried hard to
break the spell, but failed to do so. She prayed very hard but
even her prayers were not I powerful enough to break the spell
cast by the witch.
"I feel so sad to see Sabrina so silent," said her mother
to her friend. She was a child with a sunny disposition," said
the friend. No stone was left unturned. Various means were
tried to break the spell. So much so that somebody suggested,
"a fortune of gold coins should be offered to the witch they
went to the extent of calling the village 'priest to help them
break the spell but that too in vain. The priest though had a
suggestion, "Take some holy water and sprinkle it on the
witch. You will definitely break the spell then." However,
even this did not work and certainly did not break the spell.
Sabrina had now grown into a fair maiden but she was
silent as a stone. One day her grandmother came with the news
about a wizard in a nearby village. It was said also. This might
prove to be of some help. They tried to contact the wizard but
he "refused to meet anybody, without giving any reason good
enough.One day while Sabrina was sitting in her backyard
peeling fruit, one of the apples slipped from her hands. To her
surprise she called to her room. She could not believe that this
was happening. She had actually called out to her mom. She
tried again and yes! There it was – the word mom! Her mother
heard her, not believing her ears at first. She ran out and
hugged Sabrina. It was time to rejoice. Her mom asked her dad
to get as many sweets as he could. "I may distribute them in
gratitude of the mercy God has shown us.”
As they sat together one day, happily, now that Sabrina could
also speak, her grandmother explained.
"Yesterday I met Mrs. Anne. She told me that the spell on
Sabrina was broken when the wizard visited the witch. A
woman's ego matters to her the most. The witch's ego had been
deeply hurt when she was ditched by Jack. When the wizard
visited her, they had a long talk and she realized that it was
unfair to make the villagers' life miserable because of her own
miseries. It was then that she broke the spell.1' She further
explained that in reality there is no such thing as a witch or a
wizard. It is pure evil in a person that reveals itself at one point
or the other.


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