(By: Dr. Abdul Razak Shaikh)Democracy however appears to be the only option for Pakistan now. In developed democracies Government in power, once elected are allowed to complete tenure without any obstacles to deliver their manifesto based programs.
The general election of Pakistan is due on 25th July 2018, the major parties Pakistan Tahreek Insaf , Pakistan Muslim league –N and Pakistan People’s Party are in a race. Punjab is major part of winning the battle and other provinces will also may play role to form the government. What will be the nature of Government, who will get the large number of seats and form the government? That position will be visible on 26th Julyearly morning.Present position is not in a favour for majority of any single party. Situation is going towards Coalition government. Now either PTI or PML-N will capture Punjab? Than we can say the coalition with PPP may not be ruled out. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President PPPP has given the version that without his party, no any will be in a position to form government. But smaller parties may play key role of game and even we cannot out the independent group.
There is now debate on social media about conduct of election, voter turnout and expected seats can win by parties.
Pakistan People’s Party has still chances to win the Sindh and their number of seats will favour the coalition with PTI as done in senate election. PML-N has a very less chances to collect the smaller groups for coalition and N-league is out of soft corner from power maker. Their leaders Nawaz Shareef and his daughter Marium Nawaz are in jail and less chances to come out before election.
The terrorism has also prevented public and candidates to go corner meetings after incidences in KPK and Baluchistan. The threat of attack is to all major political leaders. God help, if any top political leader lose life in terrorist attack, than election could be postponed.
Now prediction is goes that either PTI chairman Imran khan will form the government or Independent winner group may collect other political parties to get the signal for formation the government. People also discussing for giving the opportunity to PTI and to see the New Pakistan.
Polling day becomes the centre of activity. The worker and supports of each candidate knock at the door of people and persuade everyone to cast the vote in favour of candidate. The voter is offered vehicles to reach the polling station. In Pakistan after election the loosing parties claim that election was rigged. They are not willing to accept their defeat. Political parties should not do politics at the cost of vital national interest. Looser parties accept the result with open heart and wait till the next election.
Question arises that post election scenario will attract the people? What are the problems with Country? Dollar is going high and reflecting poor people to beer the more expenses on their utility, economical condition are not so good, we are under the MORTGAGE due to over burden loans.
Water crisis for agricultural land is another issue for new government. Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan has started to make the BASHA and MOHMAND DAMS and public is voluntary taking part in fund raising.Unemployment is a major issue, PTI already announced for one crore employment but not possible. PTI has make up mind to take over and made the Shadow cabinet. PPP always prefer towards employment but their chances are better in coalition. Health and Education are main issues of poor people. Energy crisis is still high in every part of country, even PML-N is high lighting to remove the crisis of Electricity in their tenure, but it is totally wrong. Who will pay the attention of these issues?
Urban cities have issues of water, sanitation and better transport but now drinking water is the main problem for lot of parts in the country. Manifesto of every party has valuable attraction with color full printing of book but after coming in power, political parties are unable to see their announced manifesto?
This time Pakistan’s tenth general election is on a way but poor people are facing same problems. Who will solve the issues and when? Masses are waiting but every period has to be passed in a same manner, people watching for implementation of manifesto of elected party. Manifesto of every party is attractive but genuine peoples are away from the benefit. Many questions will be raised by the people of Pakistan after new parliament emerged. The way must be constructive towards the people and they be beneficiary for their genuine issues.


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