AJK-based Pakistani voters return their respective homes to take part in elections


MIRPUR (AJK)(Altaf Hamid Rao)(Daily P.Times) : Registered voters of national general elections, based in Azad Jammu Kashmir, have started moving to their respective parent constituencies in various parts of the country to go to the polling to elect their representatives through the polls being held today – Wednesday July 25.
According to investigations conducted by this AJK Correspondent and analyst Altaf Hamid Rao, there are thousands of people, hailing from various parts of Pakistan including Pakistan-based Jammu & Kashmir refugees, who are settled ordinarily in AJK in connection with their employment with the government and private – sector institutions / government departments, besides in connection with business of different nature in all ten districts of AJK.
Such AJK-based persons belonging to various parts of Pakistan, are registered as voters in the lists of national and concerned provincial assembly elections being the permanent residents of their concerned cities, districts and provinces.
At the same time, a great enthusiasm has been witnessed among such persons while leaving to their respective home stations to cast their votes for their respective favorite political parties’ nominees as well as independent candidates.
Most of such AJK-based voters have left for their hometowns accompanying their families to use their right of vote in the polls with multiple spirit of not only exercising their national responsibility of using their right of franchise but also to enjoy the elections day with their parents / families / relatives at their home stations of permanent residence.
Azad Jammu Kashmir government, it may be added, has already announced state holiday throughout Azad Jammu Kashmir on account of the scheduled July 25 general elections in Pakistan to facilitate such AJK-based Pakistani voters to move to their parent constituencies to exercise their right of franchise in the elections.


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