By Zeenat Iqbal
In heaven, on a cloud, was the Silk Cushion Inn. So
beautiful was it that no words were sufficient to describe it.
The Silk Cushion Inn had &quot the. softest,, most .tender, structure
ever seen, Everything-looked like it was j made up of fluffy cotton balls! or some candy floss. There was no sound of pitter-patter, on the floors for the legs were sunk in the clouds.
The walls were so soft that reclining hard against them would mean sinking in. Sleeping here mean that you slept on till you were woken up. There was a special alarm system that woke you up. It rang like a bird song.
It was known, about the Silk Cushion Inn that if anyone
sick slept there he woke up all right. Such were the comforts
that there was always electricity and water available in
abundance, collected from lightening and the rain. Different
machines operated on electricity. There were robots to listen to
your every command. The waterfalls and the ponds they fell
into had all sorts of beautiful fish swimming in it. The stars
glowing in the sky just like lamps provided the direction.
There were shops, which gave out free chocolate and sweets.
Pieces of moon would fall out and become expensive
gems and harps would play soothing tones. Fountains of syrup
flowed. Anybody who did good deeds in a day would be put
up at the Silk Cushion Inn.
Around this inn there would always be a lot of hustle
and bustle. Angels fluttered their wings. Then there were all
those close to God, His deputies, and all good men. They were
those who had not been sent down to Earth because they were
needed in the skies to look after, the .work there. Otherwise
who would maintain God's offices? There was a system there,
just like on Earth, where there were differently trained people
to cater to the specific departments. Up above electricity came
from lightning. Water was' obtained from rain, People would
gather in Sky Square whenever it poured
"Great its going to be bath day today. We're going to
wash our clothes With .the lightning there, work could be
attempted at night too,."I have so much work left over from
morning. I think I will complete it in the night," Someone
would say. Meanwhile the angle would be out and about for
the benefit of the sinners on Earth / Cleaning them, washing
away their sins.
“That mortal on the East Side has committed a sin. We'll
have to cleanse it away. Is a typical line that .one may hear
from the angels. On their winged; motorbikes they would
reach the place, purify the soul of the evildoer and make him
learn from his mistakes. "Do not repeat what you have done
again," they'd leave telling him.
The scene in skies would have God's people in big, pure
white robes strolling from here and there in pursuit of their
daily chores, monitoring the weaknesses of human beings and
rectifying them. There has been a fight in the corner house on
Morris Street.
We'll have to get there to sort things out. With this and a
straight drop from an invisible ladder they'd descend on the
house. Spraying an essence of peace they restore things to
The grading system even persists here. Those close to
God are given the most important jobs. The best were made to
ward off the worst degree of evil. In the capable hands of these
angels, all problems would be solved just like that. Some had
spacecraft to escort them to Earth. God gave these crafts to die
most deserving.
"I earned mine at the annual good deeds contest." One
of the owners informed. Amongst prizes given by God was
also a chance to see Mars. Said one angel to another at one
such contest, "I have been trying for two years but hope to
succeed this year." The faces of those heavenly folks are so
beautiful that they would put the-moon to shame;
Sometimes the moon would cover itself when it saw
them. "I feel shadowed by their beauty." It would say quite
But now my day in this heaven is reaching an end. No
bother, 1 will continue with my good deeds to be put up in the
Silk Cushion Inn once again. *

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