PIMS doctors’ team conducted medical check-up of Nawaz


Rawalpindi : A four-member team of doctors of Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) on Monday conducted a medical check-up of jailed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Earlier in the morning, a government constituted-team of doctors, led by Dr Shaji Siddiqui and comprising Dr Naeem Mulk, Dr Anisa and Dr Amir Maqbool arrived at Adiala jail for conducting medical check-up of Nawaz Sharif.
The Pims team was given task of re-examining former prime minister’s medical report and conducting a fresh check-up. The government after medial report of Nawaz Sharif will decide whether he will be shifted to hospital or his treatment will be made at the jail premises.
Meanwhile, President Mamnoon Hussain has expressed concern over the reports related to Nawaz Sharif’s health. The president called caretaker prime minister and directed him to provide all possible health facilities to Nawaz Sharif.
Moreover, PML-N President Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has appealed to the caretaker government to shift Nawaz Sharif to the hospital citing his falling health. According to jail sources, doctors who examined Nawaz Sharif at Adiala jail knew about his critical condition, adding that Nawaz has heart disease and that the current weather was inevitably going to adversely affect his health.
Besides high sugar, urea level in Nawaz Sharif’s body has increased at dangerous level, the sources said. They said Nawaz Sharif is taking over a dozen of kind’s medicines due to the reason he has started kidneys problem.
Furthermore, a team of doctors, led by General (retd) Azhar Kayani visited Adiala jail and conducted medical check-up of Nawaz Sharif. The team of doctors after medical check-up of Nawaz recommended immediate treatment. The team said Nawaz heart-beat is not normal due to water dehydration.
According to media reports, the doctors at Adiala jail had recommended shift of Nawaz to hospital, however, Nawaz refused. The doctor’s recommendation has been dispatched to Punjab health secretary and the caretaker government.
The Pims medical team has also recommended shift of Nawaz Sharif to the hospital, adding that if the jail administration didn’t do so his health will further be down.
PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif on Monday expressed concern over poor health facilities to Nawaz Sharif. He said despite PML-N demand Nawaz Sharif was not given health facility at the jail.
He asked why he and his family were not informed about Nawaz poor health. He said that he had demanded of the caretaker governments in centre and Punjab to ensure heath facilities of Nawaz but the government authorities ignored his demand.
The PML-N president said that Nawaz Sharif has severe heart pain and providing basic health facilities is the jail administration’s responsibility.


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