Chairman NAB’s policy on “Accountability for All’ proves excellent in nabbing corrupt


ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB’s policy on ‘Accountability of All’ introduced immediately after assumption of his responsibilities of Chairman NAB about nine months ago, has started excellent results. Today, due to the effective actions of NAB against corrupts throughout the country; the whole nation is lauding Chairman NAB for fulfilling his promises excellently and has restored the prestige of NAB seeing case not face.
NAB has initiated complaint verification against politicians, bureaucrats and ex-military officers across the board on alleged allegations of corruption etc. The indiscriminate action has increased the prestige of NAB manifold due to indiscriminate and visible action against the mighty as the aim of NAB is to apprehend the corrupt and deposit the looted amount in the national exchequer.
NAB has deposited Rs 296 billion in the national exchequer but also managed to maintain 76 percent ratio of awarding sentence to the corrupt which is compatible to any other corruption watchdog of any country. Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal has spent major part of his life in providing justice to people. He has an unmatchable and flawless personality with integrity and honor. He loves Almighty Allah and is a true lover of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He believes in self respect of humanity and does not believe in breaching self esteem of any person who comes in NAB. He is human friendly, straight forward, law abiding and has unblemished personality. He firmly believes in eradication of corruption by ensuring accountability to all. His last five months performance has proved without any iota of doubt that Justice has proved true to his words indiscriminate accountability is most important in the progress and prosperity of a country.
Pakistani nation is the best and country enjoys multiple resources and all weathers. The need was to ensure equitable distribution of resources and promote merit and transparency among various segments of society. Justice Javed’s practical measures have been lauded by the whole nation. The whole nation is with the NAB for elimination of corruption. It could be said that the brave steps of Justice Javed of indiscriminate measures against elimination of corruption have won laurels of all and sundry. NAB also sent a clear message to big fish that it will concentrate on the case and not the face as all are equal before the law. NAB would concentrate on indiscriminate accountability to all.
NAB is taking visible and indiscriminate action against the corrupt. Corruption is being investigated as per law. All officers of NAB are performing their duties honestly in accordance with law under the leadership of Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB without caring about their affiliations. NAB, media, students, civil society, intellectuals and all other segments of society are playing their due role in enhancing awareness about the worst effects of corruption in society. NAB under the leadership of Honorable Justice Mr. Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB is actively working in fulfilling his mission of eliminating corruption. The whole nation lauds indiscriminate and practical steps of Justice Javed Iqbal Chairman NAB for elimination of corruption across with policy of “Accountability for All”.


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