Hyderabad: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has pitched brother against brother by creating Sindhi-Muhajir hatred, adding Pasban is able to create an atmosphere in which both
communities can live in peace and brotherhood.
Addressing a press conference at the Hyderabad Press Club (HPC) here Sunday, he said there is nothing for the poor Sindhis and Muhajirs in this divide and fight. He said the Pasban is committed to get the oppressed poor people rid of cruel Waderas and oppressed urban people
of looters and shooters. He said the candidates of Pasban after reaching the assemblies would end the hereditary politics of Zardari and Nawaz. He urged the people to stamp the Pasban symbol ‘balloons’ on the Election Day.
Altaf Shakoor said that the electable, who are present in all political parties, have disappointed the people. He said these electables have held the masses hostage. He said the manifesto of the
PPP and MQM is only corruption and fanning hatred between brothers. He said at the time of every election they create the issue of province. They sow the seed of hatred and divide amongst the people of Sindh and enjoy the rule for next five years. He said Hyderabad has been converted into ruins. He said the roads and streets are potholed, sewerage system is chocked and hills of garbage present in every locality. He said there is no public transport system in this second largest city of the province. He said the condition of government schools and colleges is dismal. He said people do not get clean drinking water. He said peace, jobs and justice are not
available for poor masses.
On the occasion, Pasban candidates Ghulamullah Chang Advocate (NA-225) and Habibullah Chang Advocate (PS-63) said the Pasban has challenged the Waderas by raising strong voice for justice. They said the message of Pasban has given awareness to masses. They said the entry of Pasban in politics is like the breath of fresh air and it has paved way for brining a real change in society.
On the occasion, Pasban General Secretary Usman Moazzam, senior vice president Rafiq Ahmed Khaskheli, Pasban Engineers Forum President Iqbal Hashmi, and Pasban Hyderabad President Arshad Arain were also present.

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