Electricity consumers likely to face additional burden


Islamabad: The caretaker government has decided to impose another tax in the name of Diamer Bhasha and Mohmund Dam surcharges after it imposed Neelum Jehlum Project surcharges on the electricity consumers few weeks earlier.
According to details, the Ministry of water and power has decided to levy surcharges on the consumers in their electric bills in order to raise funds for the construction of Diamer Bhasha and Mohmund Dams to comply with the order of the apex court of collecting funds.
Sources said that funds collected so far come to Rs. 260 million and efforts are being made to continue further collection. The Pemra will decide as to when and how much surcharges is to be levied.
Made it clear that international organisations have in the recent past warned that Pakistan is about to be added in the list of the countries suffering from acute shortage of water in near future.


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