Rivers are dry due to Nawaz Sharif’s wrong foreign policy, Parvez Elahi


Gujrat: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader Chaudhary Parvez Elahi has said that due to foreign policy of Nawaz Sharif the rivers of Pakistan are dry.
Addressing a public meeting on Saturday here Chaudhary Parvez Elahi said that shortage of water in Pakistan is due to Sharifs, dry rivers are established proof of failure of Nawaz Sharif’s foreign policy.
He said that Shehbaz Sharif has forced the people to drink contaminated water in the province due to which they are suffering with different kind of diseases, and former Chief Minister of Punjab is responsible for this.
He said that people should ask Sharifs as to why Bhasha dam was blocked for ten years, on which work was started when Chaudhary Shujat was Prime Minister.
He said that who had restored horse trading are themselves its victim today , Shehbaz Sharif who has been the chief minister for 10 years should tell the people as to what reforms he had introduced in jails that his brother Nawaz Sharif is today complaining about not getting facilities in jails, Nawaz Sharif is being treated in the manner today what he had been doing with others.
“We live and die in Pakistan and that is why we serve the people considering it as a national duty, we will not disappoint the people if we got the opportunity in future also”, he added.


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