Imran Khan scents victory in General Elections


ISLAMABAD: Leading Pakistani opposition politician Imran Khan has told the BBC his opponents in elections next week will “lose because of their track record” when in power.
Mr Khan dismissed concerns about the fairness of the elections.
“The status quo parties are suddenly saying the elections won’t be free and fair. The reason is all the opinion polls show the PTI is surging… so they’re already seeing the writing on the wall.”
Mr Khan told the BBC his party’s campaign was “a mission to see Pakistan rise again”. He said he believed the trial had raised awareness of the knock-on effects of corruption. “That’s how a country doesn’t have the money for its expenditure, it doesn’t have money for human development.”
Mr Khan has defended the policy as attracting candidates “who know the art of contesting an election”, and has insisted they won’t dilute his party’s ideological stance.
With polls predicting the possibility of a hung parliament, where no party has a clear majority, Mr Khan conceded he might have to form a coalition government if he wins.
But he ruled out an alliance with the two other largest parties, the PML-N or the PPP, led by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and his father, Asif Ali Zardari. “If you have a coalition with them, you defeat the whole purpose of coming into power.”


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