Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said
that it is time that the corrupt people instead of being sent to the
corridors of power should face strict accountability for their
Addressing different gatherings during his visit to Lyari here Friday,
he said corrupt people, Waderas and feudal lords have looted this poor
nation with both hands after coming into power on fake slogans of
‘bread, clothing and shelter’ and Muhajir rights, as well as begging
vote in the name of religion and sectarianism . He said these people
have given nothing to people, but instead snatched from them. He said
all these people should be made accountable and taken to the task.
He said the Election Commission should take notice of spending of
billions of rupees in election campaigns of these elements. He said
the role of money in winning polls should be checked so that the
voters can elect their representatives on merit. He said if we show
courage the daughter of the nation, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, could be
repatriated without becoming prime minister. He said Pakistani voters
were befooled on different slogans and now is the time to reject their
political jugulars. He said Pasban candidates are now in the field and
we hope that masses that are politically aware would elect them.
On the occasion, Pasban Engineers Forum President Iqbal Hashmi, Akram
Hussain Agaria, Pasban candidates Fazal Rabi Khan, Tanver Ahmed Baloch
and others also spoke.

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