ICCI delegation visits Jeddah Chamber of Commerce


Islamabad: A delegation of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry led by Muhammad Naveed Malik, Senior Vice President visited Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and held a meeting with Mazen M. Batterjee Vice Chairman to explore potential areas of mutual cooperation between the private sectors of two countries. Muhammad Faheem Khan and Muhammad AshfaqChatha were in the delegation.
MazenM.Batterjee, Vice Chairman, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce welcomed the visit of ICCI delegation and said that such bilateral visits were important to increase bilateral trade, commerce and investment between the two brother Muslim countries. He said Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were close friends and they should focus on further strengthening their trade and economic relations.
He said that Saudi Arabia was importing many products from outside world to meet the needs of its people and Pakistani exporters have good opportunity to promote their exports to Saudi Arabia. He hoped that the visit of ICCI delegation would be helpful in identifying new areas of business collaboration between the two countries. He assured that Jeddah Chamber of Commerce would like to work with ICCI for promoting business linkages between the private sectors of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.


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