Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), as a landmark initiative has announced the establishment of a degree awarding institution in the heart of Islamabad. It is planned to be built at a prime location of the Capital in F-11/2. The area covered will be more than 4 acres consisting of 72 class-rooms, 5 laboratories and 1 auditorium while accommodating more than 2,400 students. The facility is planned as per the International standards set forth by Higher Education Commission (HEC) exceeding the bench marks of any quality institution not just in terms of amenities but also in results.
OPF, through this initiative, vows to offer the children of Overseas Pakistanis and general public at large to pursue the best possible educational facilities in the fields of Business Administration, Management, Computer Sciences, media Studies, etc. While extending its service portfolio, OPF College/University will provide state of the art class rooms, libraries, laboratories, hostels and extracurricular facilities in order to ensure a high standard of education in Pakistan.
In pursuance of its commitment to provide quality education to the children of Overseas Pakistanis, OPF is currently operating 24 educational institutions in Pakistan that has enrolled 18,000 students across the length and breadth of Pakistan. These institutions deliver a fair standard of education and the children of overseas Pakistanis are enjoying a discount of 50% in tuition fee and scholarships are being offered to the bright students. Our education system is embedded with such a curriculum and mentoring that not only it focuses on educating children but also their character building.
OPF was established in 1979 to look after the interest of Overseas Pakistanis and their dependents. OPF has launched a number of projects and welfare schemes to provide relief to overseas Pakistanis and their dependents. The main objective of OPF is to provide welfare services to the Overseas Pakistanis through quality initiatives especially in the areas of education, health, housing and financial benefits like death and disability compensation, etc.

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