Karachi: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that the oppressed people of Pakistan should treat the coming general elections as a war with the looter and plunderers of the nation.In a statement here Saturday, he said the Pasban has already launched an aggressive campaign and tried to convert the polls into a war between the poor people and the looters and plunderers of the nation. He said now the country would see the balloons of peace and development flying high on the horizon. He said the Pasban has nominated honest, patriotic, hard working candidates who belong to the working class for contesting polls on national assembly and provincial assembly seats.He said people should encourage and greet these candidates warmly and fully cooperate with them; otherwise, the dream of bringing a change would remain just a pipe dream and nothing would practically change in this country. He said if the people did not utilize their weapon of vote properly the same Waderas of villages and dacoits of the cities would again rule the masses. He said the parties like PPP, PML-N, PTI and MMA had given nothing to this country. They have been deceiving and befooling the masses for decades, but they have failed to deliver despite forming their governments. These political parties are on the same page to loot the masses and in this regard there is a hidden unwritten pact between them.Altaf Shakoor said the election symbol “balloons” of Pasban is a symbol of happiness and peace. We are in the arena of politics to defeat the corrupt Waderas of villages and cruel dacoits of urban areas. He said we represent the hopes and aspirations of the masses. He appealed the masses to vote to Pasban and become a strong catalyst for a sustainable change in this country.

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