Attempts to establish bilateral contact with India have not produced any results: President Masood Khan


Islamabad:(Parliament Times) “Attempts to establish bilateral contact with India (over) Kashmir have not produced any results for the past 30 years. We must turn again to the international community and to the global civil society to build awareness on a broader level”, said Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in a recent interview given to Ms. Von Julia Raabe of Die Presse – a leading Austrian newspaper.Responding to a question over attempts of starting a dialogue with India, President Masood Khan said, “such efforts have been made numerous times but we have never received a positive response (from India).”
He said that
despite agreeing to a ceasefire agreement in 2003, India has constantly violated the agreement. He said that in 2018 alone from January to May hundreds of civilians were injured and about 30 civilians killed. On being asked if Pakistan is involved in the shootings on the border, the President said that our forces only fire in retaliation and target military posts, while India consciously chooses civilian targets on our side.
“(Despite) an agreement to reduce tension we have no communication with India. India has closed all doors of communication at every level”, lamented the President The President accused India of committing crimes against humanity in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, including extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, torture, and rape. He said that over 700,000 troops have been stationed all over Indian Occupied Kashmir.President Masood Khan said that India wants to solve the matter through state terrorism and by oppressing the Kashmiris. “In contrast, we believe that the best way to move forward would be through dialogue and diplomacy”, he said.
“India has succeeded in portraying itself as a victim in the fight against terrorism. According to the official figures from the Indian security forces, the number of armed rebels (against the Indian sovereignty) is no more than 250”, said the President.
On being inquired whether United States of America and the European Union are taking the matter seriously, President Khan responded in the negative, saying that the people in Washington and Brussels believe it is business as usual — and simply continue with the trade agreements with India. He said that Washington’s silence on Kashmir is a matter of concern and termed it as a biased stance (in favour of India).


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