Online registration system of patients suffering from deadly diseases at Allied Hospitals comes to halt


Rawalpindi: Online registration system at Teaching and District Hospitals of Rawalpindi, in respect of patients suffering from deadly diseases including Polio, Dengue and Congo Virus stands suspended due to expiry of contract with Punjab Information & Technology Board.
According to media reports a provincial board was set up a year ago for monitoring and registration of Polio, Measles, Dengue and Congo Virus infected patients on daily basis. Computer Operators were employed under Punjab Information Technology Board on one year of contract.
With the expiry of contract on June 30 2018 the project stand shelved.
The Allied Hospital Administration said the matter of extending contract was with the Provincial Government.
The communication between Allied Hospitals and the Provincial Government has also come to halt following the suspension of uploading process regarding particulars of patients .
It is feared that if the contract is not renewed, counter measures board will also suffer.
In the current year more than 300 patients of measles, 250 suspected Dengue, 3 Dengue and 3 Congo Virus patients were registered online. 2 patients of Congo Virus were discharged after treatment while 1 died with the disease.
According to the doctors a patient from Attock has been discharged after treatment a day ago but his data could not be uploaded on the system.
The Allied Hospitals Administration says it has informed the provincial government about the issue. The matter of renewal of the contract pertains to Provincial Government and we are hopeful for the best in future. The administration said.


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