Failure in the conservation of water will make Pakistan a failed state: PEW


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Thursday said all the governments during the last 45 years are responsible for the water crisis in Pakistan.
However, the burden of responsibility is more on the shoulders of two former government that conveniently ignored the crisis in the making and continued to pursue agenda of personal welfare, it said.
Only India should not be blamed as we are also responsible for this dire situation, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.
He said that our farmers are on the top of the list of the cultivators known for wasting water as they use two to three times more water than India to grow anything.
Pakistani farmers continue to waste a lot of water which can be saved as it will not reduce but increase agricultural production to make Indian conspiracies less effective.
Developed nations use few hundred litres of water to get one kilogram of sugar, developing nations use approximately 1500 litres of water for the same while Pakistan waste 7000 litres for it, he informed.
Pakistan is also wasting a lot of water for other crops like wheat, rice, maize, fruits and vegetables etc. while the production of meat, cheese and butter need more water than any crop while chocolate top the list which need 17196 litres of water for one kilogram.
Half of the global production of food which is two billion tonnes is wasted in which Pakistan is not behind other nations.
The world is using 3.8 trillion cubic metres of water per annum of which 70 percent is used by the agricultural sector and the demand is set to grow by 300 percent by 2050.
Failure in the conservation of water will make Pakistan a failed state, he warned.


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