The Poor students


Poor people are the part of universe .beggars, helpless persons can be seen everywhere. Everyone has desires, some are wenchers, some are homeless and some have no food to eat.
I asked one of my friends that what his future plans are. In which university he would like to study? He replied:”I don’t have dress to wear and you ask about my study?”. It is quite ironic to see that under-age children work at shops, factories and hotels rather than getting education. Either they have no rights or they are not able to study. As per the constitution of Pakistan child labour is prohibited but despite that the law is nowhere being implemented in the country. Rich children can study, because they have money to buy books and to fulfill other basic needs but poor children are forced to polish shoes of rich children at school Gates. It is incumbent upon the government to assist poor students and to provide them equal opportunities and access to education is the fundamental duty of the government. Government must provide scholarships to poor students, The God almighty have bestowed them with great talent and they can also become doctors, Teachers and engineers provided they are given the opportunities.
I saw a poor student who was sad. Town’s people were calling him mad.
He was saying:” give me books and the Rights’. There is nobody to help me in town of lights ”.
Suddenly a dog bit him. Two wicked men hit him.
The people didn’t assist him. He had lost his life and fell down.
That movement was showing slumber of town.
(M.Haroon Jatoi).


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