Mistake in election manifesto, an unintended error & result of poor proof-reading: Latif Akbar

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) President Pakistan Peoples Party-AJK chapter Ch. Latif Akbar has said that the mistake pointed out by former ambassador Dr. Abdul Basit in the party’s election manifesto was purely an unintended error and result of poor proof-reading saying that PPP in its manifesto has clearly said that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory and final status of the issue is yet to be determined.
Akbar said that the foundation of PPP was laid on the basis of Kashmir issue and it was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who had raised the slogan of fighting 1000-year battle for Kashmir. He said that the PPP was still committed to its manifesto and Kashmir issue had been top priority of the government of Pakistan led by former premier Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who he said had launched effective campaign at international level seeking solution to lingering dispute as per the UN resolutions.
The PPP-AJK president said that party chairman Bilwal Bhutto while unveiling the election manifesto had clearly stated that the PPP would leave no stone unturned in mobilizing the international community vis-à-vis seeking a solution to Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions.
He said that he would have appreciated the former ambassador if he had formally informed the party or written a letter to the PPP’s manifesto committee about the mistake instead of exploiting this serious matter in the media. He said that PPP considers Kashmir as an issue vital national interest.

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