Mushrooming hotels at Peshawar More, Karachi company posing health hazards to citizens


Islamabad: Mushrooming filthy restaurants at Peshawar More to Karachi Company have posed health hazards to citizens.
A number of untidy restaurants at Peshawar More and Karachi Company are providing rotten and stale food to the citizens observing no cleanliness norms. Owners and waiters are relentlessly careless about the health norms and the food authority and management is playing a role of glum spectators.
The rats, insects and lizards are running in restaurant’s kitchens as if they have been given free hand to play havoc therein by the owners and chefs.

The owners are engaged in the game of money minting leaving the citizens at the mercy of swarms of sects and flies buzzing around, carrying filth and shifting it to their meals minute after minute
In the central area of the Islamabad, which stands among the world most beautiful Capitals, the negligence and carelessness of management are at its peak.
Different restaurants are providing Stale and unhygienic food to the citizens.
The restaurants owners are extorting money from the students staying in hostels by exploiting their financial compulsions as they are forced to take meals on credit in these restaurants due to financial constraints.
The people who are doing jobs in federal capital are also easy victim of these hotels.
Each restaurant is charging the citizens at its sweet will and these bills are so hefty and inflated that it has become hard for low paid employees to have a breakfast or lunch or dinner therein.

The management is playing a role of silent spectators as there is no system of check and balance in place therein and the owners of hotels are plundering the innocent citizens with both hands. Even no one has ever seen any food inspector or other responsible official to visit and check these hotels.
The citizens and the customers have appealed to the authorities concerned to be compassionate on their nerves and conduct raids on these hotels besides ensuring supply of healthy food therein.


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