YLC conference: Future leaders gather to discuss Pakistan’s economy: potential and challenges


Islamabad(Daiy P.Times): The high level of enthusiasm among the participants continued on the second day of the six-day long Young Leaders Conference (YLC), 2018. The founding partner English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited was also the sponsor of the second day of this premier event.
The theme of the day celebrated the major milestones of Pakistan through a diverse panel of industry icons. The theme explored 3Ps, the philosophical and psychological setup of the region along with the possibilities that lie within the country.
Talking about the YLC theme, Ayesha Janjua, Head of Marketing at EBM, said “Youth of today will inherit the nation tomorrow, hence it is crucial for them to understand the foundation on which our nation was built and the current scenario on which it stands. This will enable our future leaders to identify and work towards the possibilities that lie ahead.”
Renowned trainer and founding member of School of Leadership, Shireen Naqvi started proceedings in her capacity as ‘Day Champ’, providing participants with valuable insights about the possibilities and challenges of the country.
A Thought-provoking discussion was also carried out by Javed Jabbar, former senator and Federal Minister of Pakistan, the sub-continent’s psychological setup that helped participants further understand the current situation of Pakistan as well as other developing regions where development is often times thwarted. Justice Nasira Iqbal, Pakistani judge and an international law expert, discussed the philosophical foundation of Pakistan exploring Allama Iqbal’s writings that encouraged the participants to take charge.
Dr Umar Saif, computer scientist and academic, addressing on possibilities of Pakistan and the world, emphasized the need of technology to address issues that hinder sustainability and development of the nation.
Patriotism was fervently displayed by the participants during the stimulating activity ‘Sooper hai Pakistan.’ With the help of video blogs, participants were asked to demonstrate the positive side of the country according to their perspectives utilizing the hashtag #SooperHaiPakistan. The inventiveness and individuality of each video showcased the pride in one’s origins and a desire for Pakistan to thrive.
A plenary segment titled ‘Technology for Pakistan’s biggest challenges?’ followed which was moderated by Zainab Tariq and included Yusuf Hussain, Madiha Hussain, Nadeem Pervaiz and Junaid Iqbal amongst the panelists. During the session the participants got the opportunity to learn from the panel regarding how technology can help alleviate specific problems that afflict our nation and impede their development prospects and how it is central to the dynamics of economic development itself.
The conference also featured spotlight sessions by Shuja Haider, singer, songwriter and a composer and Fiza Farhan, Former CEO Buksh Foundation, on the topic ‘Breaking Barriers’ and shared their epic tales of struggle and success. These short, educational sessions were followed by ‘Hunger Banquet’, a simulation to differentiate the economic tiers that exist in society. With a career spanning over decades, Shahzad Nawaz, actor and producer, took the stage for the keynote session on ‘Lets brand Pakistan!’ He highlighted the importance of projecting a positive image of the country globally and how it can be achieved successfully. A capacity Building segment on goal setting ended this rigorous day for the participants with up to date academic and practical based knowledge.
For the past 16 years, YLC has offered exposure to worthwhile causes, networking opportunities, and learning sessions, presented by over 50 expert speakers from different fields. This year’s conference has been sponsored by our Founding Partner EBM and Cause Partners Australian Government, The Asia Foundation, Feroze1888, USEFP, Wilshire, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF Pakistan), British Council Pakistan, IlmPossible, UNICEF, Marie Stopes Society, Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited, Jubilee Life Insurance, Alif Ailaan, KFC Pakistan, ACM Foods, PTCL and Sui Southern Gas Limited.
YLC 2018 is being held in Lahore and Chandbagh from 1st July-6th.


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