Megacity status unanimous demand of Karachi


Karachi:(Parliament Times) Megacity constitutional status is the unanimous demand of Karachi and this slogan would be take pivotal importance in the coming general elections, said speakers of a declamation contest held by the Pasban e Pakistan here on Sunday.As per details a declamation contest was organized by Pasban in Homeopathic Medical College Nazimabad auditorium on the topic “We do not need a province but megacity rights” which was participated by brilliant young orators. In their speeches, they said the slogan of megacity rights for Karachi has become voice of every youth of the megacity. They said there are supporters of this idea in every household of Karachi. This is not just a slogan but a precious dream and cry of heart of every Karachiite. They said we will not allow anyone to shatter our dream and we will take a sigh of relief when Karachi is given a constitutional status of megacity by amending the articles related to the local government. They said not only the mayor of Karachi but many leaders of other political parties are now talking about the megacity rights. They said in our present constitution there is no difference between ordinary cities and megacities, which is a lacuna to be corrected as soon as possible. They said the megacity would only be developed on modern lines and its education, healthcare, public transport, housing, industry, recreation, jobs and civic infrastructure could be only revamped when it gets its megacity constitutional right. The moot unanimously approved the motion entitled ‘We do not want province but megacity rights. Pasban general secretary Usman Moazzam speaking as chief guest said the corrupt politicians have looted Karachi on false promises and misleading slogans. He said the voters of megacity are now politically and socially mature enough and they would this time reject these political beggars. He said the funds of Karachi in past were not spent on Karachi. He said the Waderas of rural areas and looters of the urban areas had joined hands to loot and plunder the megacity but now their unholy nexus is fully exposed and this time they could not befool the voter of Karachi in the name of rural-urban divide of Sindh. He said these corrupt and criminal politicians in past only gave Karachi target killings, extortion, corruption and other crimes.He said Karachi and Lahore are two megacities of Pakistan and we are struggling for their rights under the umbrella of constitutional status for megacities. He said the agenda of our experts for getting megacity constitutional status of Karachi has already been warmly welcomed by the citizens, political workers, writers and thinkers of Karachi. He said though Pasban introduced the slogan of megacity rights but now many other political parties are also using it, which shows the strength and popularity of this idea. He said megacity status is the dream of our youth and we would not allow anyone to shatter this ream.On the occasion, Pasban Karachi chapter president Abdul Hakim Quaid, senior leader Engineer Iqbal Hashmi and others also spoke.In the ends shields and certificates were distributed amongst the distinguished speakers.